CO2RE Intima Vaginal Laser Tightening and Wellness

Non-surgical laser procedure for vaginal wellness.

CO2RE Intima is a medical laser that delivers controlled energy to the vaginal or vulva tissue - so cells make more collagen - improving skin tone, texture and appearance. The delivery of this laser en­ergy to the vaginal wall stimulates a healing response that also enhances moisture levels in the vaginal canal.

Designed for Comfort & Effectiveness

The CO2RE Intima Internal handpiece was designed specifically to provide optimal vaginal treatments. In consultation with expert advice from gynecologists, the handpiece was designed to fit snuggly against the vaginal wall to facilitate stretching of the vaginal tissue in order to have the optimal interface between the laser and the tissue. Mucosal ruggae and folds would otherwise prevent this close interaction.

How CO2RE® Intima Works Externally

The CO2RE Intima hygienic, single-use external hand piece comes into contact with the area of skin need­ing treatment and delivers gentle laser energy, which results in remodeling of labial and vulvar tissue fibers, restoring flexibility and shape. The treatment can also address dyschromia and skin pigmentation resulting in improved texture and tone.

How CO2RE® Intima Works Internally

Laser energy is delivered through a tube which is attached to a hygienic, single-use laser hand piece that is inserted into the vaginal canal. The laser energy is gently delivered to the vaginal wall in a 360-degree manner, stimulating a healing response that enhances moisture levels in the vaginal canal and results in the remodeling of the vaginal tissue fibers, thereby restoring their flexibility and shape.

Clinical Study results show High Satisfaction with CO2RE Intima Treatments.

  • 100% of subjects reported satisfaction with the treatment and 94% would recommend it
  • 81% of subjects reported an improvement in sexual gratification
  • 94% of subjects reported an improvement in vaginal rejuvenation, and,
  • 96% of subjects reported none to mild discomfort

*Individual results may vary.

Patient Testimonials

I didn’t want to have sexual intercourse anymore, because it was so painful.
This is my only option, because I am a breast cancer survivor. So, all the things that, were suggested, are not available to me.
Using the laser seemed like the natural progression of the way things, in all aspects of medicine, are going.

Joan, Age 59
Louisville, KY

It has changed my life…it has changed my life 100%.
I didn’t want to have sexual intercourse, I always said no, later. Now I feel so different… I would recommend it for any woman.

Rosa, Age 58
Louisville, KY

Just thought it was something we had to live with. Now it’s like being young again... I’ve been married for 46 years.

Donna, Age 65
Louisville, KY

I was having painful intercourse.
I’ve already been recommending it (CO2RE Intima) to my family and friends – friends mostly my age - going through menopause.

Kathy, Age 54
Jacksonville, FL

I thought what a wonderful option this could be for me.
I would highly recommend this procedure to my family and friends. It has changed my husband’s and my intimate life.

Joanne, Age 49
Louisville, KY

*Individual results may vary.