The Time Machine Procedure at Skin Envy Austin is a customized process that includes fractional radio frequency treatments, dermal fillers and your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to tighten skin, remove sun damage and age spots and tighten loose skin*.

The Time Machine Procedure℠ combines multiple treatments to address everything that happens to our skin with aging, taking on fine lines and wrinkles, skin deterioration, sun damage, sagging, and loss of volume. Men and women emerge looking as though they have 'turned back time' 10 years or more thanks to this non-surgical process.

The Time Machine skin rejuvenation procedure was developed by Dr. Tess Mauricio and she has trained certified Skin Envy Austin to perform this REVOLUTIONARY combination facial rejuvenation procedure.

What patients say about The Time Machine Procedure

"My husband was complementing me and saying how young I looked, and it's nice because he's four years younger than I am," says one Time Machine Procedure℠ patient. Jennifer, another happy patient shares, "It's amazing! The youthful look I have, the freshness."


*Individual results may vary.

*Individual results may vary.

"Each person's skin condition and color is analyzed and a customized treatment plan is created," says Dr. Tess. "Using a flexible combination of cutting edge devices and advanced biological applications, the Time Machine Procedure℠ can bring back the skin to appearing a decade or more younger - all without going under the knife or putting up with weeks of downtime. Facial volume is restored while customized treatments for fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage are combined into the process."

Dr. Tess says the Time Machine Procedure℠ is safe for all skin types. "It's the preferred anti-aging treatment for international celebrities such as Marla Maples and Black Eyed Peas' Apl de Ap, among others."